The future is so yesterday.

#GHOSTMODERN is a bold new original web series that explores the ghosts which haunt the modern world – our cultural obsessions with technology and celebrity as terror marauds the media landscape and we bury our heads against the threat of climate change. These are powerful shots of science fiction from the other side of now.

Based on original short stories by Australian writers and filmmakers, the series will be produced by Australian creative diaspora living and working across the planet. Think Twilight Zone meets Black Mirror. Original Australian made science fiction with a global perspective.  Sexy and dangerous ideas for an international audience.

To create the series, Undergrowth Productions will be bring together a range of unique Australian authors to workshop their cutting edge micro-fiction into the the screenplays. These will become the foundation for the #GHOSTMODERN series. We will be working with Australian producers-at-large, directors, cinematographers and animators working in Australia and overseas who will fill the key positions in the series.

Contact art@undergrowth.org for more information.

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