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Short film (15 mins) 2018
“The future is what you make it.”
Ari, a brilliant young child diagnosed on the autism spectrum, bonds with an artificial intelligence ‘sidekick’ named Gadget and the two work together to save humanity from an impending ecological crisis.
Following the links in a vast corporate network, uncover a conspiracy that would turn humans into robots by hacking the human DNA. Ari realises that the absence of empathic intelligence in the algorithm that runs the world and uses this knowledge to upgrade the system code itself.
Spectrum is a high concept eco-science fiction, in the vein of Black Mirror and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams with a cyberpunk twist.
Darwin International Film Festival 2018
Flickerfest International Film Festival 2019
NT Traveling Film Festival 2019
Darwin Fringe Festival 2019
Directed by Timothy Parish
Produced by Gaia Osborne
Written by Timothy Parish and Phil Denson
Director of Photography – Andre Sawenko
VFX/Animation – Will Watson – Phenomec PTY LTD
Art Director – Kristen Elms
Sound Design: Matt Cunliffe

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