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4 x 5 minute animated web series

Everyone starts from nothing.

Zero-Point, a professional superhero working for the Government uncovers a vast conspiracy behind the Australian post-human program and its connection with the mysterious death of his father.


KYLE BURTON, a young Indigenous man with the power to manipulate zero-point energy within all matter, works for the Australian Government’s post-human taskforce ‘AFECO’ using the pseudonym ZERO-POINT.

After thwarting a terrorist threat at an Australia Day celebration, Kyle begins to uncover evidence of a government conspiracy regarding a classified post-human program and the origin of super-powers in Australia. Then, while confronting the ultra-nationalist terrorist known as SAMSON, Kyle discovers more about the mysterious death of his father, the original Zero-Point.


ZERO-POINT explores the uses and abuses of power – both historically and in the contemporary world through the modern mythos of the superhero genre. Zero-Point and his nemesis Samson are both
Indigenous Australians dealing with the colonial history of Australia and the trauma that is associated with the violence committed against their forebears. The series explores a range of topical and controversial issues, including nuclear testing on traditional land, immigration, terrorism, racial tension and post-colonial politics.
Based on the original comic book by Jonathon Saunders, ZERO-POINT is a bold, dynamic, action-packed superhero series that contains a detailed world of characters and backstory. Although only briefly
introduced in this first web series, this world provides a deep foundation for the story and characters.

Producer: Timothy Parish & Meredith Garlick

Director: John Saunders

Animation Director: Guy Jamieson, Poke The Bear

Production Company: Undergrowth Productions/Thomas Street Productions

Supported by Screen Australia and Screen Territory



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